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BULLS Bikes USA Gears Up for the 2021 Sea Otter Classic


After a year off from Sea Otter Classic (In-person), due to the COVID-19 pandemic, BULLS Bikes USA begins preparations for a fresh Fall lineup.


Los Angeles, CA (May, 3 2021)BULLS Bikes USA, a global leader in the traditional and electric bike categories, today announces year three sponsorship of the Sea Otter Classic on a year that marks the historic 30th anniversary of the festival.


Since the cancellation of the 2020 Sea Otter Classic, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Sea Otter and its sponsors look forward to a revitalized gathering of cycling experts and enthusiasts October 7-10, 2021. BULLS is thrilled to introduce new models with emphases on adventurous lifestyles and new technology from long-time eBike partner, Bosch.   


“Riding is so much about freedom and adventure” said Adam Anderson, Marketing and Sales for BULLS Bikes USA. “This is the essence we want to capture and communicate in the coming year, whether through innovative new models and technology or by telling the stories of the amazing humans that ride our bikes every day.”


BULLS featured models at Sea Otter Classic will include the Adventure EVO AM, full suspension Bosch-drive, dual battery eMTB, with 150mm of travel and the Copperhead EVO HD series, which includes wave and diamond frame versions. This hardtail series is equipped with the Bosch Gen4 CX drive system, and boasts a 330lb payload with an excellent spec level.

Tim Boehme at the 2019 Sea Otter Classic

BULLS will also highlight several additional new and popular models, such as the Iconic EVO TR 1 Speed, a full suspension, Bosch drive, class 3, eTouring bike and the Copperhead EVO AM 4 premium level, 150mm full suspension eMTB. BULLS will be adding new models to the lineup as we get closer to October.


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A leader in the mountain, specialty, and eBike categories, BULLS has the most extensive eBike product line in the United States, offering nearly every rider the bike they desire, from traditional MTB and Gravel to eMTB hardtail, full-suspension, eCity/Trekking, eSpeed and now, eRoad, eSUV and eHeavy Duty. Founded in Germany in 1994, BULLS offers a diverse selection of bicycles, has enjoyed notable success and widespread popularity as a staple bike manufacturer throughout Europe and the U.S., offering more eBike systems and innovating at a higher rate than any other OEM.