about us

Since 1995, BULLS has stood for fun and adventurous cycling with the highest quality standards in almost every price range. Stacked with national champions and podiums at the world’s elite races, the BULLS Pro Mountain Bike Team has been instrumental in creating some of the best cross country and enduro mountain bikes available. This attention to detail expands to all BULLS bikes, from entry level models to the World Champion Karl Platt’s Wild Edge and Black Adder race machines.

Our innovation has no bounds! In 2009, we partnered with fellow German company Bosch to create high-quality mid-drive motor electric bicycles. As one of the pioneering ebike brands in the US, BULLS has been continuously providing premium and high-quality mid-drive ebikes. Through hard work and constant development, BULLS has the longest track record of high-quality pedal-assist ebikes. Our range of eMTBs to eTouring, Ecommuting, and drop bar ebikes are sure to impress you!

Now, mainly focused on ebikes in North America, we find all types of riders and cyclists are getting more out of life through their pedal assist bicycles. From retirees who tour the country to motocross enthusiasts, to those with mobility issues or injuries, ebikes simply allow each rider to charge their limits, to expand their opportunity to ride more. More distance, more laps, more time outside the car, more group rides with faster friends. More fun.

We strive to offer the best value in premium ebikes so you can get the most out of your investment. You won’t find extravagantly priced works of art, nor will you find entry level bikes that cut corners. All of our ebikes start with the best motors available and the largest batteries, so you can buy with confidence, knowing an upgrade is only a part or two away, not a whole new bike. And we only work with the best component manufacturers to ensure your bike will work smoothly and reliably for years to come.

In order to offer the best ebike experience available, we only sell through local independent bike shops. None of our dealers are pressured into selling a certain amount of bikes or certain models, so you can rest assured your local BULLS dealer has your best interest in mind. Though you can buy our bikes through our website, they are shipped to and built by a local BULLS dealer and we do not offer Direct To Consumer purchasing, as the complexities of ebike set up and maintenance require certification and significant experience, which only a local dealer can provide.

At the end of the day, we’re here for you. As fellow roadies, commuters and mountain bikers, we know what we want to ride, and we desire to offer that same quality and value to all who want to have more fun on a bike.