The Power of the Pedal

Whether sneaking away from the kids for a few hours or getting active after a quadruple bypass surgery, the BULLS Urban EVO 10 is not only a comfortable luxury eCommuter, it’s a potential life-changer.

Jason and Nora are busy full-time working parents of four kids, ranging in age from 5-14. They’re an active family, camping and hiking at every possible opportunity, but in between trips, especially in the midst of COVID, it can be hard to get away and steal some time together.

Recently, they got to spend a few weeks with a couple of BULLS eBikes, an Urban EVO 10 (available now) and a Copperhead EVO HD Wave (coming this spring), to see how they could envision their lives differently. Jason and Nora took the opportunity to scoot down the local bike path to the beach, a 20-mile roundtrip. Jason remarked “It felt so good to be out riding with my wife. We don’t get to do many activities together because of our busy work/family schedules. So when we were able to take the bikes out and ride to the beach it was such a new and exciting way to spend time together. And we had such a great time.”

Aside from the barriers that come from being active and engaged parents who work full time, they still find time to work out a few times a week, but Jason shares, “I have never been able to run because I have flat feet and I experience a lot of pain in my legs as a result of that. Riding a bike has a less impact on my body and yet it still allows me to get my heart rate up and get in a good workout. The eBike allows me to push myself and then let the bike work for me as my body recovers all the while still putting in work that doesn’t feel like it’s beating up my body.”

In the fall Jason’s dad, Eddie, came to live with them from Hawaii. Eddie is recovering from quadruple bypass surgery after a serious heart attack back in March. So, Eddie got to take the Urban EVO 10 out a few times too. He shares, “It has been a long, slow recovery in terms of physical activity. The doctor is telling me that I need to be more active, and having an eBike really motivates me to get out and ride often. I really enjoy how the eBike allows me to move really fast without having to exert too much energy. There is no way I would have made it to the beach on a regular bike because I am just not strong enough at this moment.” 

After being separated by thousands of miles for years, Eddie and Jason got some much-needed father and son time on the eBikes. Eddie recalls “It was great to ride with my son and participate in a physical activity together.”

Jason, Nora and Eddie remind us again of why we do what we do. EBikes have power, not just to assist in pedaling, but to help strengthen relationships and bodies too.