Spring Cleaning

The chances are good that your ebike is dirty.  Perhaps it’s been sitting all winter long gathering dust, or maybe it has often braved the cold and wet weather.  Either way, it’s time to rejuvenate your machine in preparation for warmer weather and sunny skies.  Below are some basic points of maintenance, along with helpful videos and tools for those DIYers.  If you prefer not to get your hands dirty, your local BULLS dealer most likely has some sort of spring maintenance package.  No matter which describes you, these tips will help you understand your ebike better.

Chain.  The chain receives the highest amount of wear on a bike, and even more so on an ebike.  Keeping your chain clean and replacing once worn out will extend the life of both your chainring and cassette.  

Tire pressure. Both Tubeless and tubed tire systems lose pressure over time.  If you’re unsure of what tire pressure to use, you’ll find the recommended guide printed on the sidewall of your tire.  For tubeless tires, it’s best to refresh your tire sealant, as cold weather and lack of use can cause sealant to dry out.  For more insight into the best tire pressure for your riding experience, try out SRAM’s Tire Pressure Calculator tool, which is based on comfort and performance, rather than industry safety testing standards.  Ultimately, this will be a trial & error process for you.

Suspension.  Most BULLS ebikes are equipped with air sprung suspension.  Generally speaking, your fork or rear shock shouldn’t lose pressure over time, but it’s a good idea to check, as riding with too low of pressure can permanently damage the suspension component.  Our bikes are equipped with SR Suntour, Fox or RockShox suspension, so please check your owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website for specific pressure settings.

Bolts.  Virtually all of your bike’s components are held together by bolts which must be tight to keep your bike working predictably.  Especially when carbon or lightweight aluminum materials are used, it’s important to torque the bolts to spec, to avoid damage.  These specs can be found on the component or in your owner’s manual.  Prestacycle offers a variety of torque wrenches, and our favorite all around torque wrench is the compact, easy to read TorqRatchet Elite Deluxe.

Brakes.  Clean your brake rotors with rubbing alcohol to avoid squeaks and squeals.  Also, check your brake levers to make sure you have full power.  If air has entered your hydraulic system, your brakes will feel spongy and your levers might pull all the way back to the grips.  These video links will demonstrate how Shimano, Magura and Tektro brakes can be bled at home with the right tools.

Battery.  If your ebike has been moth-balled for the winter, charge it to 100% in a warm room before its first use.

Test Ride. Take a spin around the block to ensure everything is up to snuff.  This will safeguard you against an poorly functioning ebike on your first big ride out.  

Your local BULLS dealer is your best resource for help in these areas.  YouTube videos from Park Tool and component manufacturers are also a great way to learn more about keeping you ebike functioning in top condition.