The BULLS Advantage

The wide world of ebikes has much to offer those looking to spend more time on two wheels, whether it’s commuting, extended bike touring, hitting the trails or just cruising around town.  In many ways, it’s the wild west, and with almost no national regulation it can be difficult to understand the difference between ebike categories and quality levels.  However, BULLS has been making high quality, German engineered ebikes as long as anyone, from collaborating on initial mid drive motor systems with Bosch to expanding what’s possible with the Pinion MGU system on the forthcoming Vuca AM 2.  


As avid commuters, mountain bikers and road riders, we make the bikes we want to ride.  Everything BULLS is performance-oriented with a commitment to quality.  Here are a few reasons we choose BULLS and we think you should, too.

We offer premium motors and batteries standard on all our bikes.  We don’t stand on false superlatives and we don’t upcharge for stronger motors or larger batteries.  

Bosch’s motor and battery warranties are the best in the business.  They offer the best blend of power delivery, durability, range and manufacturer support.  Some big name bike companies use other motor systems with similar warranty time periods, but for only half the charge cycles, so if you ride a lot, you’ll be out of luck much quicker, should you have an issue.

Our ebike motor systems are certified to UL safety standards.  Unlike most cheaper ebikes and even some larger ebike brands, our ebike motor systems and batteries have always adhered to the strictest quality control and safety benchmarks.  This is not a new thing for BULLS; we’ve valued your safety since long before it was required or suggested.

Our motors and batteries are highly efficient and deliver smooth, consistent power through the battery’s charge cycle.  You might hear of bigger batteries or stronger motors, but those systems are generally equipped on cheaper ebikes that are highly inefficient with poor ride quality.

We use components from traditional bike parts manufacturers and utilize industry standard dimensions.  From brakes to shifters to wheel hubs, our ebike components can easily be serviced, updated or replaced at virtually any bike shop.  We don’t use hard-to-replace proprietary parts or off brands.

We only sell through local independent BULLS dealers.  Direct-to-Consumer is a terrible model for ebikes, serving only the bike brand and hurting the customer.  eBikes are complex machines and require certified mechanics, similar to a car.  Our dealers ensure you get the right bike with the best service and support available.

Our dealers are independent shops so they have your best interest in mind.  They aren’t forced to sell BULLS; they do because they believe in our products.

You can’t beat the value, pricing and support you get with BULLS.  

We recognize that not everyone is looking for a performance level ebike, but we suggest comparing your riding wants and the long term ownership cost of a cheaper ebike against the longevity you’ll receive from a BULLS ebike. We know our bikes won’t meet every rider’s need, but we think they’re the best bet for most people.  We simply want you to have a great rider experience.