More Freedom to Monkey Around

What is MonkeyLink Connect? By now you may have heard about this technology offered standard on nearly every BULLS’ electric mountain bike and a few electric urban bikes as well, but perhaps you’ve wondered “what’s the big deal?”

Well, if you’re like a lot of riders, you’ve forgotten to charge your rechargeable light or change the batteries on that rear blinker now and then. When that happens, there is a slight anxiety about whether or not you’ve got enough charge left to be seen on your way home, much less be able to see your route and avoid the ever-present shrapnel on the trail and on the road. MonkeyLink Connect takes away that anxiety.  

MonkeyLink Connect is a constant source of energy for your lights. It runs off the existing ebike battery and is pre-wired into the ebike system- Bosch, Brose and Shimano. So, as long as your bike has a charge, your light has a charge. And, of course, when you charge your bike, the MonkeyLink is part of the deal.

The wiring is internally routed so it looks great and is protected. One wire runs through the downtube, out the front of the head tube and connects to the proprietary magnetic bracket mounted under the stem of the bike. The other wire runs up the seat tube into the rear magnetic light bracket.  From here, a MonkeyLink accessory (sold separately) is affixed via this magnet, attaching instantly and securely with no straps or screws.

MonkeyLink water bottles, compatible with the standard MonkeyLink magnetic waterbottle cage, are also available, as are MonkeyLink rechargeable lights for the bikes in your fleet that are not equipped for MonkeyLink Connect.

The bottom line is this: whether you use your bike for recreation and utility, or whether you like to push the limits of daylight, you shouldn’t have to worry whether you’ll have enough charge to enjoy your ride or just to get home safely.

For more info on MonkeyLink accessories available through BULLS, click here.

For additional MonkeyLink accessories available via special order email BULLS.