An Impressive Do-Everything Bike - the ICONIC EVO TR 1

BULLS riders Joe and Amy describe their delight in purchasing their Iconic EVO TR 1s.

My wife and I bought 2 ebikes from Costco last year sight unseen. We felt safe doing so because of Costco's great return policy. The bikes were great bikes, but they were hard tails and had no front suspension. I installed suspension seat posts on our bikes, but they still rode very hard. We wanted a touring ebike we could put panniers on, but was also full suspension. It came down to the Iconic EVO TR 1 and another brand’s model that starts at $2500 more than the Iconic. The price difference made us choose the Iconic.

These bikes can be easily ridden without using any assist. When we first got the bikes, I made it a point to see how much of our regular rides I could do without using any assist. I am amazed how well these bikes roll. I can do almost every ride we do on our mountain bikes and fat bikes on my Iconic without using any assist. On my other bikes, I always rode into the wind on windy days to start my ride, so when I got tired and turned around, the wind was at my back. On my Iconic, it doesn't matter. I can ride with the wind to start my ride, and when I turn around, if I get tired I turn on an assist mode.

We live in McCall Idaho and have many favorite rides. We've ridden around Payette lake, and gone out in the country for amazingly beautiful rides. The change for us has been the ability to ride further than we ever did on our traditional bikes. 

I was afraid getting an ebike would make me a lazy biker. It has been almost the exact opposite. I ride without assist as much as I want, and when I want to explore a little more, I know I can always make it back if I get too tired to peddle under my own power.

Our advice for others who are thinking about purchasing an eBike is to consider the type of riding you want to do, and choose a model that best fits that plan. We wanted an all around bike that could do some off road as well as paved riding. The Iconic hit all the buttons for us.

I am very impressed with the solidness of Bulls bikes, and our Iconics in particular. You get a lot of bang for the buck with Bulls bikes!