The Rare Bird

When Seattleites Jeff and Wendy were looking for a commuter bike that looked good, could carry stuff home from the grocery store and had the potential to be their weekend adventure bike, they had a tough time, until they stumbled upon the BULLS Grinder EVO.

E-Road bikes are emerging as a category as are e-Gravel bikes, but finding one that is also a utilitarian beast, fully equipped with racks and fenders is a rarer find. Jeff remarked, “we wanted fenders, racks and drop bars for variety of comfortable positions when we do our weekend rides. The Grinder EVO was a rare bird.” As experienced riders, Jeff and Wendy said the 63mm Suntour air shock up front was a necessity and made for a solid and comfortable ride.

The Grinder EVO is based on the esteemed Grinder series of traditional, pedal bikes designed in part by retired pro rider, Tim Boehme. The Grinder series boasts different spec levels and an XC version. The Grinder EVO has the soul of these with the superhuman power of the Bosch Performance speed motor. It also boasts an 11-speed SRAM Apex groupset and matching 160mm brakes. A low profile rack makes for a sturdy panier carrier and a sleek look, paired with the beautifully integrated 500Wh Powertube for up to 120 miles of adventure on a charge.

Another rider, Andrew, had this to say about the Grinder EVO. “Its anodized gray finish created the impression that this was a piece of military hardware. The suspension fork combined with the overall appearance of a road bike on steroids made it look like it could tackle any terrain short of a technical mountain trail…I am impressed by this little workhorse. It spins right up and makes acceleration easy from a stop… It seemed agile and planted… In all, the Grinder EVO seems to be a nicely designed, specced and constructed ebike. It’s one of a very few that met my criteria.”

So, where will this rare bird take you?