Protecting Your (e)Bike

For some of us, losing a bike falls just below losing a loved one, a home or a vintage car.   Many of us baby our bikes, and for good reason.  They provide joy, transportation and exercise, amongst other things.  And.  They are expensive. 

Unfortunately, our beloved bikes may fall victim to thieves or crashes.  Now, I’ve never expected my insurance to replace my bike if I fall hard and break it, but I do expect to receive sufficient compensation if my bike is stolen.  In fact, as a young 20-something I chose a specific renters insurance company after a friend with that same insurance company received great support and a generous pay out for his stolen bike.  

We want you to enjoy your BULLS bike for years and years.  We encourage you to check your renters or homeowners insurance policy to see if your bike (especially if it’s an ebike) is covered, and to what extent.  If you are not satisfied with the available insurance, we invite you to consider a great option.

We’ve partnered with Oyster to provide top-rated bicycle insurance for BULLS bikes and ebikes. With Oyster, you will be protected with comprehensive coverages across physical damage, theft at and away from home, and loss in domestic travel, with medical payments, third-party liability, and worldwide coverage as optional add-ons. You can learn more about Oyster’s bike insurance here.

Again, we’re happy when you’re happily riding your bike, and we offer Oyster insurance to you, not as a gimmick or scare tactic, but in an effort to build confidence for those who may be lacking adequate bike replacement coverage.  


Finally, please also consider the following bicycle realities and action points:

Any bike can be stolen.  Though some locks are superior, none are impervious to the right tool.

  • The goal is to make your bike harder to steal than surrounding bikes.

More than 2,000,000 bikes are stolen in the US each year.

Less than 1% of bikes are registered.

  • Please register your BULLS bike with us, and with local law enforcement.  We keep a list of stolen BULLS bikes and report suspicious activity to local police.  
  • If registered and the police recover your stolen bike, the chances are much better that it will be returned.

More than 50% of stolen bikes were secured with only a cable lock.

  • Please always use at least one highly rated U-Lock, attaching it to a permanent structure.  Older and cheaper U-Locks with cylinder keys can easily be opened with a Bic pen.  
  • Plan to spend $100+ on a good U-Lock, and always secure your wheels, whether with locking hub axles, cable or a secondary lock.

Each insurance company offers different levels of insurance regarding bikes, so please review your policy concerning:

  • Replacement bike value -depreciated or purchase?
  • eBike classification -is it considered a motor vehicle?
  • Location of theft -home vs. work or locked on a street?


You can add Oyster protection to you current ebike here.  When purchasing a new BULLS ebike, your can add protection at checkout on our website or request it at your local BULLS dealer.