Marie Kondo & the Art of Bike Simplicity


COVID-19 has caused us to make the best of our circumstances, to work with what we have and to be creative in the use of our time and resources.  We’ve gone from a culture fatigued by the abundance of choice to becoming maximizers, squeezing every last drop out of our time and assets.  

There’s a good chance that Marie Kondo’s happy, yet minimalist, vision of simplicity has made it to your TV screen at least once during the Pandemic, and for good reason.  Decluttering life can be such a freeing experience and contentment with what is before us can go a long way.  

Having said that, the bike world has a term that our spouses & partners inherently understand as we talk about the bikes we own: “N+1.”  This equation is the (N)umber of bikes I currently own, plus 1, which equals my two-wheeled happiness.  There’s always another bike to want.  

But what if we didn’t actually need so much overlap in the bikes we own?  What if there was one bike, like the multi-tool in our saddle bag or hydration pack, that was up to almost every riding challenge we could think of?  One bike to maintain.  One bike to store at your home.  One bike for commuting, road riding, gravel grinding, bikepacking and touring?

Of course, there is irony in considering the purchase of a new bike to make life simpler.  We get that.  But like Marie Kondo, we encourage you to consider what you actually use, what brings joy to you, and to shed the rest, to make room for that which you really want.  

We know this ideology may not appeal to all of you, but if you want to declutter your bike stable, the Grinder EVO is a great bike that allows you to keep your riding options open while minimizing the work of multiple bike ownership.  The SRAM Apex groupset provides solid performance without being flashy, while the kickstand, fenders, rack and Supernova lights make your commute or overnight adventures clean and easy.  Road & trail noise are mitigated thanks to Schwalbe's G-One 700x40mm tires and 63mm of front suspension.  Truly a Jack-of-all-trades bike for those seeking simplicity.