Bike Commuting 301

In Bike Commuting 101 we highlighted many of the great opportunities available when we leave the car beyond.  Bike Commuting 201 focused on route choices, learning to make safe and efficient routes to your destinations.  With this post we’ll hone in on the primary aspect of Bike Commuting: the bike.  

As is often the case, the things we own are often more capable than their current limited use, and the good news is that your current bike might be a great starting point for bike commuting. Like any other cycling adventure, you’ll want to make sure your bike is well-tuned with correct tire pressure and all bolts tightened to spec.  

Just like the broad cycling world, bike commuters prefer a variety of bikes to fit their needs and riding styles.  

Some road-oriented cyclists prefer highly efficient commutes on their road bikes, planning to get sweaty on the way into work.  For them, commutes can be training rides, using stop lights and stop signs as sprint interval sessions, or for building up base mileage.  This mentality generally leads to wearing performance-oriented cycling kits, clipless pedals and a backpack, knowing that a fresh change of clothes will be necessary upon arriving at work.

Others prefer a less invigorating trip to work, even wearing their work clothes on the ride.  These bike commuters will choose from a range of bikes with a more upright riding position and the clearance for wider, more comfortable tires.  Often road touring bikes, converted mountain bikes and hybrid/urban bikes are used by this group, who often prefer to carry their work supplies using a rear rack and pannier bags, avoiding the sweat build up of a backpack.

A third category of bike commuters is known as the all-weather commuter.  They might fall into either of the first two categories, but their bikes generally have the ability to fend off wet weather.  All-weather commuters generally prefer the braking consistency of disc brakes, room for full fenders to keep tire spray to a minimum and wider tires capable of gripping wet roads.  

Commuting on an eBike makes the trip into work even more enjoyable!  BULLS offers some great ebike commuter options.  

Our Grinder EVO provides a comfort-oriented road bike experience, with it’s Bosch Class 3 motor assists the rider up to 28mph.   Full fenders and a rear rack, offer the benefits of all-weather protection, and a kickstand makes loading and unloading easy.

The BULLS Iconic EVO TR1 Speed offers the shock absorption of a dual suspension mountain bike, perfect for worn out roads and riding down curbs.  It is equipped with street tires, fenders and lights to keep you clean and seen.

The BULLS Urban EVO and Urban EVO 10 bikes provide a smooth, urban aesthetic to the daily commute.  Equipped with lights, fenders and a rear rack, the 28mph pedal-assist will bring a smile to grocery runs, cafe stops and work commutes alike.  If you prefer a lower top-tube bike for easier on/off, check out the Urban EVO 10 Step-Through version.