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The story of success of BULLS started in 2007 when the first Team BULLS - bicycle professionals Karl Platt and Stefan Sahm - drew enormous attention from the cycling world thanks to their consecutive successes in long-distance competitions: winning the legendary Cape Epic, Transalp and Trans Germany in their very first year.

Over the course of the years, the Team BULLS has grown into a large and powerful team with athletes from three different nations and cover almost every area in Cross Country, Marathon, Downhill and Triathlon.

A distinctive concept from the Team BULLS is to recruit young talent and guide them with no pressure to the top. The team assimilates these "young wild ones" by training together with the Team BULLS at training camps. This concept allows for transmitting of knowledge and techniques from the older team members to the new recruits.

Currently, the Team BULLS holds the most winnings at the Cape Epic mountain bike stage race since its first edition in year 2004.

An annual mountain bike stage race held in the Western Cape, South Africa, which has been accredited as horst category (beyond categorization) by the Union Cycliste Internationale. The other events in world cycling which enjoy this status are the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia and Vuelta a España

BULLS Racing Team

"The Passion To Ride - The Will To Win"

Karl Platt, Urs Huber, Thomas Dietsch, Tim Böhme, Stefan Sahm and Simon Stiebjahn – these six guys would easily catch anyone's attention who is familiar with the world bicycle racing.

These six guys race for the Team BULLS around the globe. Cape Epic, Transalp, Grand Raid Cristalp and national and international Championship– there is hardly anything that Platt and company have not won yet. The secret of their success is not only in their twelve strong legs, but also in the close relationship these "boys" share. Thousands of kilometers shared in the saddle merge Karl, Urs, Thomas, Tim, Stefan and Simon into a unit in which everyone can unconditionally trust in each other's support.

Karl Platt

It all started with the first mountain bike he bought for himself in 1991. The heavy steel frame was too large for him and it did not have a suspension fork. Nevertheless, Karl Platt caught the mountain bike virus and spent every free minute in the gravel pits around his hometown in Osthofen, Germany.

That year, he took part in his first race. It was clear to him that he wanted to become a bicycle pro. "Plattos" became a legend thanks to its training commitment since his early years. Only to mention a tiny fraction of his success: German Juniors' Champion in Downhill, long-term national team member in Cross Country, German Marathon Champion, Karl has been at the very top everywhere. He and his partner Stefan Sahm enjoy the reputation of being the world's best duo for stage races. Three shared wins each in the Transalp and the Cape Epic send a clear message.

Karl is far from being tired. Cape Epic and Transalp are his passion. With Urs Huber as his new congenial partner, Plattos wants to take off for real there and reinforce his reputation as the King of the stage race.

More about Karl Platt:

Urs Huber

Urs' affinity with the bicycle became clear in his early childhood. Starting in second grade, he rode back and forth two kilometers to his school in the Swiss canton of Aargau in any weather. Even when he was a teenager, the bicycle remained his only means of transportation.

After his first race in 2001, he quickly advanced to his first successes. In 2007, he became a pro and later in 2008 he won the bronze medal in the Marathon World Championships at the age of 22. His name has been a constant in the international racing scene.

Urs maintains an offensive and powerful cycling style and is very ambitious and resilient. These qualities make him bound to belong into the top players. He is known for being a top competitor in the harshest competitions.

In the Team BULLS he finds his equal for the Cape Epic and Transalp in his teammate Karl Platt.. Urs relaxes and recovers from the hours he needs to spend in the saddle in the apple farm he owns and run himself.

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Stefan Sahm

Stefan Sahm completed his first race with a victory in 1994; however, at the time he never thought that he would become a professional cycling athlete. After finishing high school, he worked as an industrial mechanic while training on his mountain bike. In the year 2000, he signed his first professional contract. Since then, "Sahmurai" has been a constant in the international racing scene.

Stefan's biggest successes took place together with his team partner Karl Platt. To this present day, they have managed to obtain eight round tour victories.

In year 2011 Stefan got injured. Since then, he has been fighting to return to his old strength. He continues to be an important member of the Team BULLS.

Sahmurai is not only a nickname for Stefan Sahm, who lives in South Africa, but also the name under which he produces hand-soldered steel frames with great attention to detail and art. This veteran industrial mechanic loves everything related to technical. In addition to a 1978 Mercedes SL 280, he also owns a Volkswagen Type- 2 Camper Van from 1972. Of course, he services both himself.

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Tim Böhme

The sports career of Tim Böhme, the youngest of the five BULLS-pros, it's like a typical happy story tale.

Before he became a German Youth Champion, he successfully completed his first races as a student. Later, he became part of the German Junior National Team and took part in the ECH and WCH. After he graduated from high school, he started working in the sports promotional company of the German Federal Defense. Soon after, he would finally sign his first professional contract.

In 2009, Böhme and Thomas Dietsch became part of the Team BULLS as teammates. This new duo made the podium in the Transalp right that same year. Just a few weeks before, Böhme had won a silver medal at the German Marathon Championships.

Böhme's international breakthrough came in 2011 when he won the bronze medal at the Marathon European Championships and achieved a fourth place in the Marathon World Championships.

Tim is not only successful at racing, but holds an "A" trainer's license for cycling, has published a book and co-founded Radlabor GmbH, a company that trains athletes through Tim's experiences and work.

More about Tim Böhme:

Thomas Dietsch

Thomas was born in the North of France. Nothing suggested Thomas Dietsch would once become a professional cyclist until 1996 when he signed his first professional contract. In year 2000 he became the National French Cross Country champion. Tom stood out on long distance races and todays holds a collection of national and international medals.

Tom's height of 6' 4" makes him a really tall marathoner and there is hardly any marathon he has not won yet except for the World Champion, which he is working hard to obtain it. His regular training includes multi-day tours across Europe: London to Barcelona, Paris to Frankfurt. There is no place in Europe Tom cannot go with his BULLS.

More about Thomas Dietsch:

Simon Stiebjahn

Simon Stiebjahn is a living example of how well the recruiting of young talent program in Team BULLS works.

When he was a kid, Simon's heart felt in love with soccer. Even during his Juniors' days, this young man from the Black Forest spent many hours on the soccer field as well as many kilometers on the saddle.

In year 2009, Simon signs with the Team BULLS and focuses only on cycling. This pays off quickly as Simon achieves overall wins in the Trans Schwarzwald, the German U23-Federal League and the Gold Medal at the U23 European Championships Marathon. His achievements got him a permanent position at the Professional Team BULLS together with the big ones: Karl Platt and Stefan Sahm.

Stefan has been his mentor through the years at Team BULLS. Simon became very respected when he got a bronze medal at the famous Cape Epic and won the German Marathon Championship, proving once again that he is a real pro.

More about Simon Stiebjahn:

BULLS Downhill Team

Right after the Team BULLS Gravity was created in the winter of 2013, the story of success quickly took off.
Victories were achieved with the use of entirely new bicycle and accessories prototypes. The new team obtained medals at the German Downhill Championship, the UCI World Cup and the FMB world tour.
In addition to the sports successes, Team Bulls Gravity also represents development and optimization at a very high level. Just as in competition, they try to do a little more every single time. The team is conformed by a group of passionate and perfectionists kids. This concept of international and German top talents has so far paid off BULLS. We cannot wait to see what the future is going to bring!

Daryl Brown

The Slopestyle department is getting some fresh wind as well with Brit Daryl Brown. The 23- year-old dirt jumper from East Sussex has drawn lots of attention in the past, particularly with his style and his powerful airs. No one is surprised that he is currently holding the unofficial record on a mountain bike at a height of 7.5 m. We may see an official world record attempt from him this year, but his top priority is to achieve the best positions on the FMBA world tour. Highly motivated for the upcoming season, he will compete in the first big event of the year, the White-Style in Leogang, in a few days before traveling to America to continue preparing for the summer competitions under the warming sun. His summer will be quite full: Red Bull Berg Line, FISE Montpellier, and Vienna AirKing are only some of the events on his schedule. You may look forward to watching the season here and on our Facebook team page.
Things are gonna get wild...

Jacques Bouvet

We welcome 19-year-old Jacques Bouvet, our new team member. The German Juniors' Champion and overall winner of the Juniors' class of the IXS -German Downhill Cup 2012 continued to prove his ability and talent in his first season with the men by making the podium several times in the German Downhill Cup races. He took home an excellent 15th place at the Juniors' WCH in Leogang 2012. Jacques certainly is the biggest talent in German Downhill sports at the moment. This is why we are very proud to have him with us starting in 2014, to promote him further and to see what else he can achieve in future with our support.

Christian Textor

In 2013, Christian was able to finally finish a season without any severe injuries in the Bulls jersey. After fracturing his thigh at the end of 2010, more metal was installed in his body in 2012 when he broke his hand several times in Leogang. There were a few initial problems early in the season due to his long convalescence, but then Christian was able to show what he can do and to clearly justify the trust placed in him over the course of the season. Top-20 placements in the European Downhill Cup, on the podium of the German Downhill-Cup, a victory in Tabarz at the Random-Race and the bronze medal at the German Downhill Championships in Bad-Wildbad show what the young man can do when not injured. He is very likable and authentic and generally well-liked everywhere in the German scene ; with his great technical understanding, he provides lots of input for our engineers to improve our products even more. He will spend lots of time with his physical therapists and rehabilitation again this winter, but only to get rid of his metal implants. He is highly motivated for 2014, absolutely fit and ready for further success in the Bulls jersey.

Team BULLS Triathlon

About Beate Görtz :

  • Name: Beate Görtz
  • Date of birth: 03 July 1969
  • Body height / weight: 1.78 m / 61 kg
  • Place of residence: Cologne
  • Job: Key Account Manager in the process industry
  • Hobbies: Triathlon, diving
  • Club: ASV Köln Triathlon
  • Trainer: Frederik Martin
  • Best time: long distance 9:18 hours, Ironman Klagenfurt 2011

I grew up in Hückelhoven/Doveren without any interest in sports. After high school I moved to Jülich to work as technical drafter in the Jülich research centre. I lived there for six years. In addition to my job, I used to go to evening school in Aachen for four years and graduated as a mechanical technician.

During my time in Jülich, I fell in love with racing bicycles. At some point, I was able to run for 35 min at a time without passing out! I changed jobs in 1999 and moved to Cologne. That is where I consider "I finally arrived at my destination". I stored my bike in the basement and didn't touch it for eight years. Cycling in Cologne was very stressful due to the traffic. I focused on running and after 14 marathons in various cities with a time of 3:12, I looked for something new: Triathlon!!!

I was a spectator at the challenge in Roth where Nicole and Lothar Leder won. At this time I was thinking on participating in an Ironman, but this dream turned into reality some time later. In 2007, I took part in the Smart Distance at Cologne 226 just for fun. OK, I had 5 swimming lessons prior to that. I cleaned my dusted orange steel-racing bike (only the basket in the front was missing). This was very stressful! There were so many things I had to think about, well and also all the packing. Before the start, I told to myself, never again will I participate in one of these!!! After I won, I was able to relief from those my stress: what a feeling!!! As you can see my triathlon history doesn’t go back that far, however, great successes lie on the path of my new passion ....


  • 2014 Cologne226 (3,8-177-42,195) - 09:22 hrs, 1st place
  • 2014 IRONMAN Copenhagen (3,8-180-42,195) - 09:49 hrs, 6 th place (PRO)
  • 2014 Möhneseetriathlon (1,9-90-20) - 4:38 hrs, 1st place
  • 2014 IRONMAN Austria (3,8-180-42,195) - 09:25 hrs, 8th place (PRO)
  • 2014 24.SWB Energie und Wasser Bonn-Triathlon, 03:13 hr s, 1st place
  • 2014 TRI:122 Lanzarote (2-100-20), 05:22 hrs, 1st place
  • 2013 IRONMAN Florida (3,8-180-42,195) - 09:09 hrs, 8th place (PRO)
  • 2013 Cologne226 (3,8-177-42,195) - 09:07 hrs, 1st place
  • 2013 Indeland Triathlon, 04:21 hrs, 1st place
  • 2013 Strongman Japan - 1st place
  • 2013 TRI:122 Lanzarote (2-100-20), 05:15 hrs, 1st place
  • 2012 Challenge Roth, 09:13 hrs, 7th place
  • 2012 HüWoMan, 01:01 hrsd, 1st place
  • 2012 Indeland Triathlon, 04:13 hrs, 1st place
  • 2012 22.SWB Energie und Wasser Bonn-Triathlon, 03:14 h rs, 1st place
  • 2012 Siegerland Cup Buschhütten, 02:01 hrs, 3rd place

The Junior Team

"Identify and nurture talent at young age"

For many years, BULLS has been successful in the promotion of young talent all the way to the top.

These "young wild ones" Martin Frey, Niklas Schehl and Björn Traenckner are able to rely on professional structures and are thus given the opportunity to unfold their potential. They can watch their experienced team colleagues Platt, Huber, Sahm, Dietsch, Böhme and Stiebjahn and learn from them. This training and learning structure has proven to be a great concept. Medals won in national and international young championships speak for themselves. A good example of this is the rise of Simon Stiebjahn from the Junior Team into the Pros, who, in the year 2012, won a gold medal in the U23 European Marathon.

Today, Simon is 24 years old – won the gold medal in the U23 European Marathon Championships in 2012 and proved that he is  ready for higher goals among the pros with his overall win at the Trans Schwarzwald.

Martin Frey, Niklas Schehl and Björn Traenckner have a long way to go until they reach the top, but these "young wild ones" are facing a golden future with the team BULLS.

Our Staff

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link"

The "staff", mechanics, physical therapists and team managers of the Team BULLS, are those who work behind the scenes and form the team's backbone. They are experienced specialists in their areas and form a sworn community that has only one goal: to make the processes in the team as perfect and smooth as possible to offer the pros around the world the best environment for top performance.

Lukas, Geri, Simone, Vincent, Tobias, Moritz and Friedemann do not act as anonymous people in the background, but are a fixed part of the BULLS family with an unshakable basis of trust, friendship and the shared passion for cycling.



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