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Regarding Battery Safety, UL 2849 and the CPSC

Though ebike safety has only more recently been in the news, BULLS Bikes has always adhered to the strictest quality control, including standards for motors and batteries, because we are committed to developing and producing high quality, high value ebikes that allow you to ride with confidence.  Currently, our ebikes offer pedal assist systems from Bosch, which comply with (and go far beyond) all international safety standards, including UL 2849.  We also align with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)’s ongoing efforts to ensure ebike battery safety for all micromobility products.

What exactly is UL 2849 and what does it mean to be Certified to UL 2849?

Let’s get into the details

UL 2849 is a safety standard (covers electrical, fire and mechanical hazards) published by Underwriters Laboratories. This Standard was developed with the help of representatives from various industries such as manufacturers, academia, government representatives, retail representatives, and various testing & certification labs. This Standard covers the electrical system of eBikes powered by a lithium-based, rechargeable battery. As a minimum, the electrical system consists of the battery, battery management system (BMS), charger, drive unit, interconnecting wiring, operator interface and power inlet. In the United States, Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has aligned with the UL 2849 standard and many local government agencies are considering compliance with UL 2849 as a requisite for the sale of ebikes within their jurisdiction (ex. NYC).  Certification to UL 2849 means the complete electrical system has been evaluated, tested and verified to be in compliance with all applicable requirements of this safety standard by an accredited laboratory.

Certification to the UL 2849 standard does not require Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to administer the testing and certification.  It is important to note that other labs like Intertek are also Accredited Laboratories, meaning they are authorized to test to nationally adopted standards such as UL 2849, and their certification holds the same integrity of certification as by Underwriters Laboratories for a given standard.

What this means for BULLS and you as a Consumer

Here’s the implication

The short answer is: we’re good so you’re good.  We’ve had all our certifications in place for over a decade and there’s nothing to worry about regarding our ebikes.  Go out and ride a BULLS bike with confidence.

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We adhere to and support compliance to the UL 2849 safety standard