General Questions

If you're used to a regular bike, you may feel like an ebike is cheating; however, you should know that ebikes aren’t here to rob us of our human-powered way of life. In fact, they may very well enhance it. An ebike allows you to go farther, faster and have more fun when riding uphill. A Norwegian study found that ebikers use 51 percent of their lung capacity while cyclists use 58 percent. As there is not much difference between the two, the only disparity is the e-bike users can go 21 percent faster than bicycle riders. This same study concluded that ebikes cause people to ride longer and more often. So, should you get one? Our suggestion for most cases is… Yes!

Mountain Bike (MTB)

Mountain bikes are typically ridden on mountain trails, fire roads, logging roads, and other unpaved environments. These types of terrain commonly include rocks, washouts, ruts, loose sand, loose gravel, roots, and steep grades (both inclines and declines). Mountain bikes are built to handle this terrain and the obstacles that are found in it like logs, vertical drop offs, and smaller boulders. There are two types of mountain bikes: Hardtail, which do not have a rear suspension; and full-suspension ones, which have front and rear suspensions. Hardtail bikes transfer pedaling power to the rear wheel more efficiently than full suspension models. On non-technical surfaces, this results in better acceleration and makes it easier to sustain higher speeds over a long time (if you're just starting out, on a really tight budget, or just enjoy simplicity, you should definitely consider a hardtail). Full suspensions, on the other hand, are good for bumpy or technical downhill trails. Rear suspension allows more of the available rear wheel to actually reach the ground by allowing the wheel to better articulate over obstacles.


Yes, all bikes can ride on roads. However, a road bike is one that's optimized for riding on smooth pavement. It usually has skinny tires and are built for traveling at speed on paved roads. Some road bikes are called Hybrid.


Go for a gravel if you want to get some of the best bits of mountain and road bikes all in one package. With an upright, comfortable and stable riding position, gravels also give an efficient experience on roads.


Designed with city streets in mind, urban bikes are rugged and sturdy with tough frames and strong wheels. They are the obvious choice for urban commuters.

It is really easy. All you need is a few simple measurements of your body and find your ideal size in the “What’s my Size” table under every bicycle model.

Every BULLS is 95% pre-assembled. The bike will need to be assembled by a bike shop mechanic or someone with significant experience working with bicycles. BULLS is not responsible for improper assembling. You must have your bike assembled at a bike shop or by an expert bike mechanic.

That depends on the type and model of bike you want. All the specs of all BULLS models, including the weight, are described under the tab "DETAILS" in every bike and ebike model.

You can purchase any BULLS Bike or eBike from one of our U.S. or Canada dealers. Simply visit our dealer locator to find the one closest to you. You can also purchase from BULLS Online and have it delivered to one of our existing BULLS Dealers or, if you live too far away from one of our dealers, have it delivered to a bike shop close to you.

We always recommend purchasing BULLS Bikes and eBikes from a certified BULLS Dealer or asking your local bike shop to order a bike for you. If you choose to buy online, we recommend purchasing from BULLS because it goes through one of our dealers who will offer excellent service and build the bike at no additional cost to you. Many of our dealers also sell online, but as these are all independent locally owned businesses we recommend making sure you know how after sale service is handled. BULLS is not responsible for the service, build, assembly or warranty labor of any BULLS bike or ebike purchased online outside of our website.

All of our bikes are designed and tested by us in our German headquarters in Koln. Once we have them approved and certified by international standards, we manufacture the bicycles in South East Asia under our own staff supervision.

You can buy demo bikes at events we normally participate in. Please check our EVENTS page to see what are our next destinations. There is no warranty on demo bikes.

Facts about Ebikes

Yes. All of BULLS ebikes are only pedal assist, meaning you need to pedal in order for you to ride the ebike.

Yes. It is easy to switch back and forth. For example, you might want to use the power only when you are climbing hills.

If you are pedaling, you can go as fast as you are able to. However, Class-1 ebikes provide electric assist up to 20 mph; and Class-3 ebikes, up to 28 mph.

This depends on how much of your electricity comes from fossil fuels and the type of fuel. In our home state of California, which gets 8.55% of its power from wind, 8% from hydro, and 40% from coal, an electric bike will emit less than 4% of the CO2 per mile emited by a car. In states that depend less on coal, an electric bike might emit only 2% of the CO2 per mile of a car. No matter how you calculate it, even though an ebike uses electricity that might come from fossil fuels, the amount of CO2 emitted compared to a car is insignificant.

BULLS ebikes generally weigh more than a regular BULLS bike due to the motor and battery pack. The average BULLS ebike weights between 45 to 60lbs, depending on the components and the type of ebike.

Yes. All of our drive systems have been tested in Germany’s rainiest weather with no issues. Additionally, each electric plug in the motor is secured with a waterproof seal to ensure safety in wet conditions. It should be noted that while wet conditions are acceptable for its use, ebikes cannot be submerged in water.

No. All of BULLS ebikes are pedal-assist only. Pedaling is required to get the ebike going.

No. BULLS ebikes do not require any more maintenance than you would perform on a regular bike.

No, you do not need a license. BULLS ebikes are pedal-assist only (meaning human pedaling power is required to run the motor) and only provide a boost to the legal speed of 20mph for Class-1 types and 28mph for Class-3 ones. No license is required and BULLS ebikes can be ridden on bike paths. For the most accurate information please visit People for Bikes, ebike section in here.

Brose offers a 2 or 4 year warranty on all electrical components. This includes the drive unit, displays, wires, and sensors. The battery will vary from 2 to 4 years or up to 1000 full charge cycles depending on the article number. BMZ (battery manufacturer) guarantees that the battery will retain a 60% capacity within the warranty period. Here’s a quick breakdown, Article # 27345-00 (2 year warranty) Article # 27345-01 (4-year warranty) Article # 27345-03 (4-year warranty) Article # 27345-05 (4-year warranty). Finally, for all batteries: 2-years against manufacturing defects and 4-years (except for Article # 27345-00) against 60% below's capacity. 

No. All of the batteries that come equipped on our BULLS ebikes can only be charged through an external power source.

The battery that comes with your BULLS ebike will come equipped with a key for security purposes giving you the option to remove the battery if you need to leave in a less secure area. As for weather conditions the battery has been tested and considered safe for even the most extreme conditions. Manufacturers recommend storing the bike in temperatures between 32⁰F and 100⁰F to preserve its longevity.

Yes. LED lights will continue to work for as long as two hours after the battery is empty.

The battery may be left onboard the bike or detached for charging.

Absolutely. Even if the battery still has power, you can switch modes to turn the system off and pedal without the motor assisting. If your commute is far, you can always pack your battery and recharge in between destinations. The charger is very light, utilizes a regular 110V outlet and can easily fit in a backpack or saddlebag.

Typically between 3.5 to 6.5 hours depending on the battery capacity.

Batteries are recyclable. Be sure to bring them to the nearest recycle station. Ask your nearest eDEALER for more information.

This will vary on the capacity of the battery. Most batteries will usually take 400-750 watt-hours for a charge. A full charge would cost approximately 15 cents. When comparing ebikes to any other form of transportation the real cost is very low.

Batteries will vary depending on the make and model. Dependiong on the brand, batteries retain 60% of their capacity over their warranty period. All batteries offered on BULLS ebikes are lithium ion, which have no memory effect, so if your battery is only 50% depleted, it only counts as ½ of one charge. Batteries will be serviceable for between 15,000 and 30,000 miles.

A spare battery costs between $800-$1,000 depending on the models, excluding sales tax and shipping.

BULLS ebikes will offer different ranges depending on which battery and motor is being used. Individual variables will be determined by how much load is on the bike, terrain, tire pressure, drive system, and the mode being driven on. Check specific model for more details or ask an eDEALER near you.

Ordering Information

Once the order is placed and paid, you can write contact@bullsbikesusa.com. or call us (1-844-44BULLS) to cancel or modify your order. However, once your order is shipped, we cannot cancel nor modify it anymore.

Local sales taxes are calculated based on the state and district to which the item(s) is getting shipped to.

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No. If you want to send items to different addresses, you need to make one order per address.

Not at this time, but we are currently working on this.

Delivery Information

We typically ship all orders within 48 hours. Depending on the shipping method you pick at the checkout, you can easily calculate your total shipping time.

No, we don't.

No. We only sell to addresses in the United States.

All items ship from our warehouse in Los Angeles, California.

This is not possible at this time.


Go to our GEAR section in the website and you will find it ready to order under DERAILLEUR HANGER.

Every BULLS is 95% pre-assembled. The bike will need to be assembled by a bike shop.

These are five easy steps you should perform before every ride. These will help you prevent major problems from occurring:

1. Inspect the tires: Road tires typically require 80 to 130 psi, mountain tires 25 to 40 psi and hybrid tires 50 to 70 psi. To find your ideal pressure, start in the middle of these ranges, and then factor in your body weight. The more you weigh, the higher your pressure needs to be applied. For example, if a 165-pound rider uses 100 psi on his road bike, a 200-pound rider should run closer to 120 psi, and a 130-pound rider could get away with 80 psi. Never go above or below the manufacturer's recommended pressures.

2. Test the brakes: Spin the wheels and apply the front and rear brakes independently of each other. Check that the brakes engage before the brake lever reaches the handlebars and that there is enough stopping power to be safe. It is also important to ensure the brake pads are not worn.

3. Lube the chain: Make sure your chain is lubricated. If not, apply a small amount of lubricant to the inside of the chain as you pedal backward so the entire chain gets an even coat.

4. Check the shifting: Check that the rear derailleur shifts evenly and smoothly between all the gears on the cassette.

5. Check the wheels: Make sure the quick-release skewers are tightened correctly.

Most bicycles come with Wellgo pedals. However, high-end models come with no pedals. All information on each BULLS is in the website under each model.

Almost all mountain bikes are equipped with front suspension. Suspension on mountain bikes offers a range of adjustments to fine-tune the riding experience. Variations include the type, amount of travel, robustness and method of bump absorption. We recommend you keep your suspension clean from dirt and service it as the manufacturer recommends.

Rear suspension is only found on full-suspension mountain bikes, and is commonly referred to as the rear shock, or "shock" for short. The shock allows the rear wheel to soak up impacts, helping to keep the tire in contact with the ground, increasing rider control and decreasing rider fatigue. We recommend you keep your suspension clean from dirt and service it as the manufacturer recommends.

Road tires typically require 80 to 130 psi, mountain tires 30 to 50 psi and hybrid tires 50 to 70 psi. To find your ideal pressure, start in the middle of these ranges, then factor in your body weight. The more you weigh, the higher your pressure needs to be. For example, if a 165-pound rider uses 100 psi on his road bike, a 200-pound rider should run closer to 120 psi, and a 130-pound rider could get away with 80 psi. Never go above or below the manufacturer's recommended pressure.

This is a matter of taste. We will typically recommend 29” for someone over 5.7” tall.

Generally speaking, this is a great way to transport your BULLS. Make sure you have enough space so your BULLS does not suffer any unnecessary stress. If you detach your front wheel, make sure you do not pull your brake lever, as this will clamp your break pads. *If you are transporting an ebike, a good recommendation would be to remove the battery so it becomes a lot lighter.

We do not recommend you transport your BULLS bike and particularly an ebike using a roof rack. The force of the wind will cause stress to those areas where your BULLS is clamped. Generally, those places are not designed to withstand the extra force.

This is a great way to transport your BULLS. Be careful when you mount your BULLS onto the rack since this could cause damage to the paint and/or decals. If you are transporting an ebike, check the rack’s weight restrictions. Make sure your ebike weight does not surpass the weight limit on your rack and remove the battery if necessary. .

Warranty Information

Please refer to our WARRANTY section under SUPPORT.

Please refer to our RETURN section under SUPPORT.

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