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Copperhead 29 Plus

When faster, lighter, stronger is needed

When the Copperhead first took off, in 2007, no one knew it would grow to be the most popular model off of the BULLS catalog. With much testing and experimenting we soon realized how golden the geometry and technology was. We ended up with a bike that accelerates like a race bike, yet offers the all-day riding comfort of a marathon/touring hardtail. For this year we added a couple of new innovations from our higher end models to the highly praised Copperhead 29 Plus frame. The BULLS Copperhead 29 Plus is now equipped with beefier hubs and through axles for added strength and rigidity to give you that extra confidence when bombing down those rough terrains.  We also added slots on the frame to run the cables and hoses internally through the frame for a slick clean look. The Copperhead 29 Plus is truly an only in its class. Key features like a triple butted aluminum frame keeps the weight low to make climbing easier and those extensive rides less stressful. Tapered headtube increase the front end stiffness and makes sure the bike goes where you want it to go when you need it to go. Press fit bottom bracket makes sure you have the most efficient power transfer going through your drivetrain. Topped off with a RockShox Reba fork you can rest at ease knowing that you will have a fork that will last for many rides to come. A solid foundation with all the supporting components is what make the Copperhead plus the best in its class.



Category Mountainbike
Uses Cross Country, Competition, Marathon, All-round
Frame 7005 superlite aluminum, triple butted, smooth welded
Front Suspension Rockshox Reba RL 29", 100mm, remote lockout
Rear Derailleur Shimano XT Shadow Plus RD-M786, 10-speed
Front Derailleur Shimano XT FD-M781
Shifters Shimano XT SL-M780-I
Crankset Shimano XT FC-M782, 40/30/22T
Chain Shimano CN-HG54-10
Bottom Bracket Shimaon SM-BB71-41A MTB Press-fit
Cassette Shimano SLX CS-HG81, 10-speed, 11-36T
Brakes Shimano BR-M615 Ice Tech, 2 hydraulic discs, 180/180 mm
Handlebar UNO (grade 3.0), 5 degree bend
Stem UNO (grade 3.0), 110mm, 7-degree bend
Seat Post UNO (grade 3.0)
Saddle Fizik Nisene / Kalloy UNO (grade 3.0)
Hubs Shimano Deore XT M788, 32H
Rims WTB XC 25D 29
Wheel size 29"
Tires Schwalbe Rocket Ron 29 x 2.25
Pedals Wellgo
Weight24.92 Lbs

Specifications subject to change without notice.
10-Speed Drive Train
It is an upgrade from it 9-speed predecessor. It basically allows for a finer selection of gears, thus improving efficiency and power
The travel of the front suspension is 100 mm, which allows for a smooth ďswallowĒ of small and large impacts and beats resulting in a better adhesion to the ground
Press Fit
Press Fit bearings are pressed directly into the frame, rather than screwed. The press-fit inner bearing guarantees higher bicycle stiffness, thus increasing the lifespan of the bearings and overall lower weight
Shimano Shadow Plus
Shimano's Shadow Plus clutch mechanism prevents the lower arm of the derailleur from pivoting forward, meaning that the chain is kept under considerably more tension. The claimed benefits are many: Less chain slap, fewer dropped chains, more stable and accurate shifting over rough terrain and ultimately a much better and quieter ride
Tailored Chainstays
Higher frames require longer chainstays. The result is a much improved climbing capacity, which is relevant in large frames. After all, the centre of gravity clearly shifts backwards with a taller rider, specifically during the climb. Taller riders also need more space since they usually have longer feet, and for the longer cranks to avoid touching the chainstays with their heels
Tapered Steerer
This is semi-integrated headset with an inner diameter of 1 1/8 inch at the top and 1 1/2 inch at the bottom. This ensures best riding stability and excellent control head stiffness. The biggest shaft results in stiffer fork and frame as riding forces are spread more evenly thanks to a thicker head tube
The main advantages of this axle system are stiffness and strength, which added together results in a safer bicycle. It has a clear advantage on disc brakes over its traditional quick release counterpart as it allows for easier and more precise wheel mount/dismount operation
Triple Butted
To save even more on frame weight, the double butting process is refined by stepping down the material at the ends of the tube. This means the butting starts out in the standard, double-butted manner but then is thinned before stepping down again to the normal tube wall thickness. In a cutaway, the inside of the tube looks like three terraced rice paddies on a hillside

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by Eric Stumpf Date Added: Friday 20 May, 2016
Just received the bike I ordered for my wife. Customer service with first class and shipping was exceptionally fast. The copperhead 29+ is the best value I have seen for that price. Wish I wouldn't have bought a new Cannondale recently for myself. Would buy a Bulls again in a heartbeat. My next bike is definitely gonna be a Bulls..

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars]
by Gordon Wright Date Added: Tuesday 25 August, 2015
With 256 miles under my belt riding the BULLS Copperhead 29+, Iím psyched to be able to render a full review of the bike. Full disclosure first: my agency does marketing work for BULLS, so take into account the fact that if I had hated the bike, I simply wouldnít have written a review. But I donít hate the bike Ė just the opposite. Because I got one of the first BULLS bikes imported into the U.S., I think Iíve ridden mine more than anyone else, and it is a real departure for me. My former bike Ė a Marin Mt. Vision Ė was a non-disc, 26-inch, dual suspension bike. The Copperhead 29+ is a hardtail 29er with disc brakes, so I had a lot of learning to do. But weirdly, right out of the box (literally right out of the box; set-up took less than 15 minutes), it felt good. The center of gravity wasnít too high, the steering was crisp and the acceleration was leagues beyond my old full suss. The biggest revelation was the disc brakes Ė Iíve been an idiot for not using them. The componentry (pretty much all Shimano XT) is solid as a rock and the overall package is ridiculously light (mine weighs in at 25.7 pounds in Large, with pedals). The ride quality has me banging my head on the desk for not dumping my Marin earlier. Iím cleaning things I used to labor up, or walk, and itís as stiff as a father meeting his daughterís boyfriend for the first time. The downhill ability of the bike was the single biggest surprise. I do pretty well on all the downhill segments in my Strava feed, but the very first time I rode the bike downhill Ė again: brand new bike, never ridden 29ers, never used discs Ė I set a new PR (and top 37% overall) on a fast and flowy double-track here in Marin. A downhill PR, on a hardtail. That, I did not expect. I think itís because the thing is really nimble. You can be creatively precise on the trail, because it goes exactly where you want it. The only drawback to the hardtail is that my quads get tired on long descents, because Iím old. Speaking of quibbles, Iím not nuts about the handlebars. Theyíre pretty wide, and tapered, and are giving off a somewhat worrisome squeak when I am hauling ass out of the saddle, so I may swap those out. Other than that Ė and commercial relationship aside Ė I unreservedly recommend this bike. Especially for the price point. Which, at $1,800, is an absolutely screaming deal Ė thatís like an entry-level bike price for a lightweight, high-performance, XT-equipped rocket. Get some!..

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars]
by R Alex Miller Date Added: Thursday 06 August, 2015
I love the Copperhead 29 Plus. After many, many years on a 26" cross country bike I scrounged up the money to purchase this hardtail upgrade. It has exceeded my expectations. The combination of the Rock Shox Reba fork and the 29" wheels has me rolling smoothly over the extensive roots and rocks of our Maine trails. The frame is light and responsive. And the XT components have performed flawlessly. As a rider who likes to move fast and pedal over the terrain (as opposed to bomb downhill) and who is hard on his equipment, the Copperhead's combination of features, components and price represents a great buy. Get one!..

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars]
by Harry Crane Date Added: Saturday 09 September, 2017
I had two bikes stolen from garage on labor day, yes, this last Monday. I spent the day cussing and fuming, and the night researching bikes. Years ago I toured road bikes, multi-centuries like DASLMAC and the tour of the Scioto river valley, then I moved to Oregon and rode the Hood to Coast tour a few times. Then there was work, a couple kids, a couple wives, a major car accident and a couple of years in physical therapy. Iíve been riding Mountain bikes since then because the geometry is easier on my herniated discs. The stolen bikes were stumpjumpers. I like specialized. Itís not like I do technical trails or jumps or flips or anything, Iím more like an enlightened born again amateur. I compared specialized, trek and giant in the price range that my insurance was going to reimburse. I would love to say I had heard of Bulls. No. I did a search for top ten mountain bikes, ignored the lists that were all carbon fiber or all dual suspension or both. Bulls showed up on one of those, I think the black adder, so I investigated. The stats on the copperhead plus 29 looked like someoneís fantasy bi9ke league picks, especially at the price offered during the September sale. It looked like a scam. Even at the regular price it looked to good to be true. I checked youtube and wished I had paid more attention during high school German classes. I had to listen real close and slow it down. I ordered the bike on Tuesday. It showed up today, yes, Saturday, the ninth. Assembly was a piece of cake and everything was already dialed in. The streets of this town are crowded (MSU home game, students are all over the place killing brain cells with banana flavored schnapps, or equally horrendous poisen) so I took a quick ride out to a local trail head just to make sure I had the fit right and for the sheer joy of a perfect drive train and a stiff, light frame that an old guy with a bad back can pick up one handed, and to play with the remote lockout. I wanted to get home before the game was over. As a mountain bike it handles better than anything Iíve ever owned. On the road it reminds me of my old world voyager with all shimano dura ace components and campagnola parts. That was triple butted too. I know this review is subjective, not very technical and more rambling than a critical review. But I love this bike so much I had to write a review. Tomorrow I ride around the lake itís only a thirty mile trip with limited ascent and descent, more for the sheer joy of riding than any sort of training. Come December when this part of the country starts getting snow by the foot Iím sure to have a different sort of review altogether. I wanted to say I was impressed by the first rotation of the wheel, the first shifting of the gears, and encourage everyone to take advantage of the ridiculously priced half off sale; youíve only got three weeks left. If the insurance paid me more for my stolen bikes Iíd get two of these...

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars]
by Bulls Bikes USA Date Added: Friday 15 May, 2015
By ďThe Bulls Copperhead 29 PLUS is an affordable 29r without compromises. A bike that will certainly please the avid recreational cyclist. The friendly and ditto driving seat to make the Copperhead 29 Plus an ideal touring bike.Ē..

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars]
by Jenny Radloff Date Added: Monday 01 June, 2015
Fantastic bike! Loved how it handled on the trails. Easy assembly and out the door the day it arrived. Very comfortable ride...

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars]



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