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eBike for Law Enforcement: Real Life Experience

As you may have seen posted on social media over the last few weeks, we had the privilege of delivering the largest law enforcement eBike fleet in the country to the Los Angeles Police Department. While we are very pleased with the bikes, the relationship with LAPD and the credibility this gives us worldwide, we are even more pleased when we know these bikes are working to help officers better serve their community. Here's one account told straight from Sgt. Shannon Geaney of the Los Angeles Police department.


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LAPD's New eBIKE Fleet - BULLS Sentinel

LAPD selected the BULLS Sentinel to make up their fleet of 20 police-specific eBikes, making this the biggest law enforcement eBike fleet in the U.S. In a news conference held outside LAPD HQ, Chief Beck lauded eBikes for their ability to allow officers to respond to calls for service more quickly and with more energy, often allowing officers to respond more quickly than cruisers. BULLS was able to spec this bike to meet the specific demands (and abuse) of LAPD and similar public safety agencies.

(video courtesy by ABC7 News)



Running of the BULLS

Pamplona, Spain is the historic city known for the Running of the Bulls at the Festival of St. Fermin. This world renown tradition has been a hallmark of world culture since the 1500s.

Six hours south of it's legendary neighbor, Alicante, Spain overlooks the coast of Spain with sweeping views of the Meditaranean Sea. It was here, only a week ago, that a couple dozen mountain bikers and dealers took to the trails for another kind of “running of the Bulls”. It was a great opportunity to push some of Bulls Bikes' best to the limit.

One ride featured Bulls' award winning fleet of XC and Enduro mountain bikes, while a second ride showed of the sleek and strong line-up of Bulls electric Mountain bikes.

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