Riding on the BULLS (sub)Urban EVO

The plan was to go to New York, stay at a nice hotel, see a show. It had been a long time since I’d been to the Big Apple (for fun) and my wife doesn’t get to travel as much as I do. I was turning the new 25 (40). She was excited to treat me to a kid-free weekend and it would be a nice change of pace from our suburban existence. I was in Vancouver for work in early March when the first wave of COVID hit Seattle. Within days we cancelled our trip and began requesting refunds for the various reservations we’d made. Another week and the Safer at Home orders started to spread and as we approached my birthday our back-up, back-up, back-up plans were all shot to Hell.


If my wife were a baseball player, she’d be a Hall of Fame closer and she’d bat cleanup. She always comes through in the clutch. And against all odds, this birthday would be no exception. My Birthday fell on a rainy Monday and I was ordered to work from home. We had a nice breakfast with our two boys and she disappeared for a couple minutes. My 10 year old led me to the front window where I saw my wife standing in our front yard with an Urban EVO.


Here’s the thing, I had been accidentally CC’d on an email to friends and family explaining the multiple change of plans, so I couldn’t hide the lack of surprise, which she took at first to be disappointment, but was really unbelief. I had been eyeing a couple BULLS Bikes, but the Urban EVO seemed to have everything I wanted- the Bosch Speed Motor, Powertube 500Wh battery, rear rack, Supernova headlight and brake light, 180mm hyrdraulic brakes, Suntour air shock, and 10-speed Deore groupset.


I don’t think I’ve driven my car since that day. Whether I had to go into work (20-mile round trip), run to the grocery store or take groceries and supplies to my in-laws, I found every excuse I could to get on the Urban EVO. It has been the perfect ebike to replace my car, to keep my heart rate up a little and to keep my sanity during the Safe at Home orders. The Bosch speed motor helps me keep up with and be seen by traffic in my busy, not-super-bike-friendly, sub-urban city. The funny thing is that it has also helped me ride my traditional road bike more. Logging more miles on one, leads to a desire to log more on the other. And, the eBike provides motivation to keep spinning my legs on off days, helping to stave off that notorious “quarantine 15.”


by Adam Anderson, BULLS BIKES USA