Meet the Guys You Want to Ride with

Boulder, CO might just be heaven on earth for cyclists.  Over the decades many pro cycling teams have called the area home, and for good reason.  Nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, the Boulder Valley boasts almost 100 miles of bike lanes and 84 miles of bike paths, giving cyclists plenty of opportunity to rack up the miles.  And for the more adventurous, small mountain roads and singletrack trails can guide you into the mountains as far as your legs can take you.

Well into their 80s, Ken and Ed have lived in Boulder for a handful of years.  Don’t let their age fool you; these two guys are full of life, with a witty sense of humor that displays a sense of contentment with life.  These are the kind of riding companions everyone hopes to find.

Having met at a local retirement community, it was Ken’s love of cycling that guided their two-wheeled adventures, and in 2017 they began investigating eBikes as a way to continue riding in such mountainous terrain.  After a 30 mile eBike test ride up to Jamestown, CO the two were sold!  Tom at Small Planet Ebikes in Longmont helped them choose the right bikes and “couldn’t have been nicer.”  

Speaking about their experience of their Bulls ebikes, Ken states, “the beauty of the eBike is we don’t have to worry about the next hill coming up.  With our bikes, it’s not an issue.  It’s really opened up a lot of things,” including Vail Pass, 11,493' Boreas Pass and several other iconic bike routes.

Now nearing 7,000 miles on their Bulls Lacuba EVO E45 and Cross Lite E eBikes, they continue to ride year round.  Always taking into account the weather, visibility and traffic for their rides, Ken and Ed manage to stray from their light-hearted conversations and focus on the road and panoramic views.  “Safety and security first,” Ed says.  But a close second is the refueling stops, where conversations quickly reboot.  Favorite culinary destinations include the Niwot Market, Shamane’s Bake Shop and Spruce Confections, though they also enjoy sampling the Front Range’s wide variety of cinnamon bun offerings. Only one real challenge remains: deciding whether these delectable pastries are best covered in pecans or frosting. 

Ed and Ken's experience resonates with many of us who have family and friends limited by age, injury or illness. Ed and Ken give us hope that our loved ones might continue to find freedom and joy on a bike, beyond whatever setbacks and challenges they may face.

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