Sea Otter Classic 2022 Highlights

What a week!  The crowds swelled to record numbers as nearly 10,000 racers lined up at WeatherTech Raceway outside of Salinas, California for the largest cycling event in the country.  Almost every cycling discipline was represented, from gravel to gran fondo, dual slalom to downhill, cross country to circuit racing, even trials and a kids’ dirt track. Hundreds of bike industry companies brought out their newest offerings, including cutting edge tech and old fashioned hand tools.  And from sun up to sun down, the PA broadcasted updates as racers whipped across both track and trail in pursuit of a good time and a medal.

In our 4th year as the eBike Sponsor, we had a huge fleet of Bosch Smart System-equipped bikes available to test ride and even race.  Our eSUV line of Iconic EVO hardtails and full-suspension bikes stood side by side with Copperhead EVO eMTBs, again, in front or full suspension models.  The highlight was definitely the shiny rust orange Copperhead EVO AM 4, equipped with Shimano XTR and SR Suntour’s world class Durolux & TriAir suspension.  These bikes were checked out for demo nearly the entire week, and they even snagged a couple podiums in the BULLS eMTB Race!

Dozens of food trucks were on hand to refill all those burned calories, from BBQ to Indian food, all of which paired well with Sierra Nevada Brewing’s Sea Otter Ale.  All proceeds from the sale of Sierra Nevada’s limited edition pint glasses went to help fund the Sea Otter Classic Foundation’s eBikes for Veterans program, which provides BULLS and Pegasus ebikes to Veterans in need of reliable transportation.  

To celebrate the BULLS eMTB Race e-powered by Bosch and eMTB category of the Enduro race, we hosted a happy hour at our booth (we're a German company, right?), drawing in a crowd to share race results and memories from the trails.  It was also a great time to catch up with our friends at other brands such as Bosch, SP Connect.

Look for videos in the near future from our partner brands, running through everything from suspension details to best integrated accessory options.