Adventure in Page, AZ on BULLS Monster

Page, Arizona is an amazing place. Perched on a mesa on the Colorado Plateau overlooking Glen Canyon. A small city encompassing 9 square miles carved from the Navajo Nation in order to build the Glen Canyon Dam. The dam forms Lake Powell, one of the most unexpected and unparalleled treasures in the west. Lake Powell and the slots of Antelope Canyon are world famous and draw millions of visitors every year.

Mountain biking on the other hand has been a different story. The Navajo Sandstone that makes up much of the landscape around Page makes photographers happy with its crisscrossed lines that swoop and swirl. While magnificent to look at, that cross bedding can shake the flow out of even the smoothest rider. Full suspension evolution has gone a long way to make what was once a chore into a delightful challenge. Sand, deep sand, makes moving between slick rock features a chore, even on foot. But then there is the Monster E FS, electric fat bike. With a low psi requirement, these sturdy steeds help open routes previously unrideable with standard mtb tires. There are also a few miles of double-track that skinny mtb tires can enjoy but when the the Bulls Monster E FS came on the scene this year it was a game changer on trails like the Rim Trail, a 10-mile single-track loop beloved by Page locals.

Page does not have any kind of ebike hang ups. Along with the established trails, routes that were at one time exclusively internal combustion have become yet another playground for these pedal assist bikes. The combination of full suspension, fat tires and the Bosch Performance Line CX motor allows mere mortals to churn through the sand and crawl up slick rock that would otherwise bog down even the fittest rider.

Even riders that have no mountain bike experience are able to ride with confidence. The forgiveness of fat tires, full suspension and e-power opens trails and routes to people who would simply not be able to ride, much less enjoy them. The Monster E FS gives people the lungs and legs they wish they had, if only for a couple of hours.

The puritanical fervor of some in the mountain bike community and land management agencies has kept e-bikes off of many mtb trails. While public land surrounding Page are not bike or e-bike friendly, Page itself is. With the rim trail and few other great riding options for regular and electric mtbs, Page is a worthy stop for any rider now. However, a new mountain bike park is being developed. Single-track and slick rock freeride areas will be open in 2020 with a massive pump track to follow. The development of more trails in Page is a boon for locals and visitors alike.


Article by Craig Little

Craig Little runs Lake Powell Adventure Company, which offers two-hour tours on their Bulls Monster E FS bikes out of their shop in Page. Routes are tailored to the skill level of the riders. To see the Bulls Monster E FS in action in its natural habitat please visit the Lake Powell Adventure Company’s,or drop by their shop at 612 N. Navajo Drive in Page.