Bike Commuting 101

For many of us, work-from-home and summertime have meant more opportunities to get out for bike rides, either solo and with the family.  Perhaps family outings have been adventurous mornings on the mountain bike trail, before the heat of the day.  Or maybe you’ve enjoyed those afternoon cruises to your local park or ice cream shop.  The extra daylight and softened schedule have been a welcome break for many of us.

The dog days of summer have now passed, schools are starting and many of us are going back to the office.  It might feel like the freedom is coming to a close, that mid-week rides must be postponed until Saturdays & Sundays.  Or maybe not.  As we move back into more predictable schedules, we can still make space for family bike rides to new destinations, to school and to work.   We can even sneak in rides to the park or ice cream shop on the way home!  The days are still long for the next several months, so we have time to enjoy the outdoors; we might just need to be a little more diligent in our planning.  

In upcoming posts, we’ll cover the basics of bike commuting, with some practical tips and insider tricks.  Whether you commute to work across several cities or across town to grab groceries, there is a great sense of freedom outside of the gridlock of car traffic, not to mention the physical benefits of exercising.

To start, please take a look at this quick read from on the many of the benefits of bike commuting.

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