Making Every Moment Iconic

The Iconic EVO 1 Speed was not intended to make you a winner.   Nor was it created to coddle your aspirations of climbing through the ranks of the local amatuer race series.  

Despite its name, this eSUV is meant to do exactly the opposite.  Warning: it might even make you slower.  Rather than honing in on marginal gains and exotic materials, this bike was designed to help you zoom out and enjoy the underappreciated beauty of your everyday world.  This bike is meant to disappear.

You may just find your rides lasting a little longer as you explore the unknown streets of your neighborhood, stop at that new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try or take the scenic route up the big hill to get home.  Or your rides might take less time, as your child-at-heart spirit comes alive with the wind whipping through your helmet at top speed, every city block feeling like a hilly descent.  

Simply put, the Iconic EVO 1 wants your errands, your work commutes, your backroad bike tours to feel Iconic.  It wants you to pull over and admire the newest community mural, to listen to the waves crashing onto the shore, to visit that unexpected historical site along your route.  

Equipped with fenders, lights, a rear rack and a kickstand, normal clothes are welcome, as are those pannier bags full of groceries or camping gear.  And with pedal-assist up to 28mph, you can make up any time you may have “lost” while stopping to smell the flowers.

Life is too good to rush through.  We encourage you to become a tourist in your own town, to get to know your neighbors rather than driving by them, to learn the heartbeat of your community.  Make every ride, every moment, Iconic.