eBike Safety Pt. 1

It seems like every week we hear another story about an ebike battery at a bike shop or in a home, or even another Tesla catching on fire.  Our world is quickly embracing the many benefits of eMobility: lowering our carbon footprint, FAST cars, ebike commuting, and a lot of fun riding these new micro-mobility options, but there are some important safety concerns to consider.  

If we take an honest look at the electric vehicle market, it feels like the Wild West in many ways.  Hundreds of millions of dollars are being thrown at any eMobility idea that might have a chance. There is no real national legislation for eMicro-mobility devices, and their place in society is constantly in question.  It’s a race to gain market share, and it demands innovation, which is great!  However, not all ideas and products are created equal.

One of the biggest questions about ebikes is “Are they safe?”   Safe on urban sidewalks?  Safe on bike paths?  Safe on trails? Safe for kids?  Safe to be stored inside?   The proper use of ebikes is a choice made by each rider, and we’ll cover safe riding habits in a future post, but the proper design and manufacturing of ebikes is the choice of the bike company. 

In 2022, tens of thousands of ebikes were recalled due to safety issues, including thousands of bikes from some of the largest manufacturers, ranging from poorly assembled handlebars, wheels and tires, to faulty electrical seals and dangerous batteries.  Oftentimes these brands shortcut or overlook basic safety concerns in order to get their products on the market more quickly.  House-brand motors and components are often not subjected to the same safety requirements of international standards and certifications as the larger, more established brands.  


When purchasing an ebike, look for:

  • Well known, clearly defined motor manufacturers (Bosch, Shimano, Fazua, Brose, etc.)
  • ANSI/CAN/UL 2849, ETL or similar battery compliance.  (Don't assume; some of the biggest bike brands avoid this)
  • Quality name brand components, including drivetrain, tires and brakes
  • Minimum of 2 Year warranty on battery and motor, indicating it is intended for long-term usage.  

Also, please read this recent statement from the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Shop with Confidence

When you purchase a BULLS ebike, you are buying quality and safety.  We’ve been in collaboration with the best ebike motor and battery manufacturers from the beginning of mid drive motors and we only incorporate pedal assist units that pass the most stringent international tests.  We only use components from the most trustworthy companies in the world and each new BULLS bike is built up and inspected by a certified local BULLS dealer.   Finally, when your ebike battery reaches the end of its lifecycle, our partnership with Call2Recycle ensures it will be properly recycled.  With BULLS, you can rest assured that your bike won’t let you down.