Flow: The E-Stream EVO AM2

The E-Stream EVO AM 2 is arriving at BULLS dealers right now, but we’ve been playing around with this new bike for a month or so and have loved it!  From a fly over, this bike is great:  XT shifting and SLX 10-51t cassette give a huge gear range, 150mm Rock Shox suspension is easily tunable, Limotec dropper post creates room down trick sections and 203mm Magura 4-piston brakes offer great actuation.

On paper, the bike specs look great, but how does it ride?  

After throwing a leg over the top tube, one thing becomes clear: this is not a skimpy XC race rig.  The 27.5+ tires look like they could fit in a motocross race, and getting the pressure down to high teens up front and 20psi in the rear creates a significant amount of traction. Go tubeless and you could even drop a couple more PSI. Paired with the Rock Shox suspension, these tires keep your bike connected to the trail, able to climb and descend the chunkiest of trails.

Another aspect of the bike that’s easily noticed at first is its weight.  Again, this eMTB is built to handle the rough and it’s also designed with a massive 750Wh battery for extended range.  Having said that, the weight disappears when the ride begins.  The Brose S-Mag motor offers four stages of buttery smooth pedal assist, and I’ve found I only need to move into the second and third assist levels when the trail gets really steep.  Loose, 27%+ climbs might require the 4th assist level, but you'll have a smile on your face going up stupid-steep ascents!  On my last 85 minute/20-mile ride, I climbed 2,200 feet and only went through 20% of the battery, so this bike packs plenty of juice!  

Pointed down hill, the bike’s weight is again inconsequential.  The front end of this bike craves speed and descents.  The Rock Shox Yari fork doesn’t flex through rock gardens or poorly landed jumps and the tires inspire confidence, knowing their ability to easily roll over larger rocks and roots.  It really feels like the bike is hooked on rails through the rowdy stuff.  

The best summary of this bike comes from a BULLS coworker.  Comparing downhill line choices on E-Stream EVO AM 2 to a mid-ride tallboy, he says this: “You want to choose something decent, but you don’t need to be too picky.”  

It's just plain fun to ride and the bike opens up the faster you go.  So, cheers to speedy climbs and flowing down the rough stuff!

Here are some small details to wrap up with:

  • It may not seem worth noting, but a full size water bottle fits inside the bike’s front triangle, perfect for short or after-work rides when you don’t need a full hydration pack.
  • Dialing in the suspension can make or break the ride experience.  The Rock Shox suspension offers a great deal of adjustability, and if you don’t have a suspension pump at home, your local BULLS dealer can help you set your bike up to your riding style and terrain.
  • On flat trail sections or roads leading to the trailhead, try pedaling with the motor turned off.  When level, the bike’s weight feels minor, allowing for pedaling around 13-15mph without much work.  This can also save battery life on all-day rides. 
  • If the first half of your ride is uphill, followed by a long descent, put the assist level to zero for the second half.  Chances are you won’t need it, and it can be a bit of a shock to have the bike surge forward when not expecting it.
  • The E-Stream EVO AM 2 comes equipped with stealth MonkeyLink mounts for head and tail lights, keeping your handlebars and dropper post open during those low/no-light rides.