Combination of Parts from Industry Leading Suppliers and Proprietary BULLS’ Technologies Allow For An Unrivaled Commuting Experience

BULLS is proud to announce the arrival of our latest and most highly anticipated eTrekking bike, the LACUBA EVO LITE. The latest addition to BULLS’ commuter/ distance trekker-focused Lacuba lineage is built with the highest quality parts from around the industry, giving the LACUBA EVO LITE an unmatched blend of power and grace, setting it apart from any other bike in the category.

Worried about noise? Forget it! The LACUBA EVO LITE is one of the most silent and graceful bikes on the market with its Gates Carbon Belt Drive which replaces the traditional bike chain for a quieter, smoother and lower maintenance experience for everyday riders. Worried about range? Forget it! The bike is powered by BULLS’ proprietary Supercore® battery technology, a 750Wh battery that provides an unmatched 150-mile optimal range, providing commuters and touring buffs confidence to go longer distances without worrying about running out of juice. Worried about hills? Forget it! The Supercore battery is paired with the Brose Drive S Mag(eMTB motor) which utilizes optimization software to provide the added muscle of up to 410 percent assistance. The ultra-silent Brose Drive S Mag also comes with the new Flex Power. Mode featuring Cadence Power Control and Progressive Pedal Response, which combine to provide added support for an easier ride during times of otherwise strenuous pedaling.

Worried about fit? (By now you should know what’s coming). Don’t even think about it. With 7 frame/size combinations to pick from you almost guaranteed to find an incredible match!

“The Lacuba lineage has been a long-standing favorite of the BULLS rider family. With each new version we have taken rider feedback to create an unrivaled riding experience,” said Adam Anderson, Marketing and Sales for BULLS Bikes USA. “We are very excited to introduce the LACUBA EVO LITE and its incredible array of features and technologies that take the Lacuba legacy to new heights.”

This bike also comes equipped with the new Brose Topology display, a beautiful, full color, feature-rich console that houses a wealth of information, such as range, trip distance and total distance. The Topology also presents larger numbers onscreen making it easier to read while riding. As an added bonus, the Lacuba comes equipped for Bluetooth compatibility, permitting riders to adjust power parameters from their smartphones. This is made possible using and optional dongle, allowing pairing with your cell phone for use with the Connect C app.

 The LACUBA EVO LITE comes in three frame variations: WAVE, STEP-THRU, and DIAMOND and multiple sizes. Get yours now through any certified BULLS Dealer or at bullsbikesusa.com.