What's up with the new BULLS Supercore battery?

There’s always an underlying question guiding our decisions and actions. For BULLS, there seem to be a couple that keep us “charging forward” (haha, see what I did there). They are “What’s possible?” and “what’s next for bikes?”. The answers to these questions are always new and always evolving. That’s what makes getting riders “The Ride They Want” so exciting.

Recently, BULLS has answered our own questions through the development of the Supercore battery. What’s possible? Much longer range. A much higher capacity battery Maintaining a streamlined and beautiful aesthetic. Eliminating range anxiety. The Supercore answers this question with a resounding “Anything!”

We talk about optimal range, which is a helpful measurement for comparing various models. But this doesn’t always let you know the full experience. This groundbreaking 750Wh battery offers a range of 150 miles in optimal riding conditions. Even at such a large capacity of 20Ah the densely packed 21700 cells keep the battery slim and discreet where it is carried in the downtube. We maintain a practical removable design and premium features like a Rosenberger charge port and Can Bus communication. But the question is, how does it actually perform. For the answer to that question, we turn to a real-life rider.

Terry is a year-round Southern California mountain biker in his 50s. He’s the mechanic at a local shop and can still shred with some of the area’s best native pros and enthusiasts. He’s a former eBike hater turned believer thanks in large part to the E-Stream EVO AM 4. Terry tells the story best.

“The bulls E-Stream EVO AM 4 is the best E bike I've ridden to this day. We've mastered these E bikes on the San Juan blue Jay trail and l Laguna techno, San Juan's 3200 feet of climbing. The 750 Watt hour battery has plenty of capacity to run the bike at full output making it the fastest trail riding I've ever experienced. We can ride that whole 20-mile loop and still have 2 bars (out of 5) left. (about 40% capacity remaining).

The bike has incredible capacity at 75% mode ascending 1000-1500 feet per bar. This BULLS eBike is built like a Sherman tank and can handle all those nasty technical climbs and high-speed rock gardens and downhills. In this mode alone I've been able to get at least 4500 feet of climbing and about 30 miles of distance with one bar left. A buddy of mine is with the same bike has been able to achieve 5100 feet of climbing by toggling between power modes 75% and 100%.

The Bulls bike has been life transforming and has given us that 20 to 25 days a month of Mountain biking. My current routine is riding the Ramblast (trail) at least 3 to 4 nitrides a week. This totals to 50k of DH a month with big hits on the weekends. We are losing 1 to 2 pounds a month riding these bikes, should be down to high school weight this time next year. Being lighter has definitely transformed the way I ride my traditional mountain bike, I'm experiencing more endurance in better fitness. My perceptions have been completely changed from E bikes and they are here to stay. 

Terry knows what many of us have come to realize and what others of us are still resisting: that bikes are an evolving form of fun and fitness. And while they evolve they also come back to helping us toward those two ends. The Supercore represents the next era of this evolution.

Models that come equipped with the Supercore battery include the E-Stream series from 2019 forward and the Lacuba EVO Lite, available starting in January 2020